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Craving by Helen Hardt, Steel Brothers Saga

I came across the book "Craving" by Helen Hardt the other day.  I read it in one sitting, the first of the Steel Brothers Saga, but honestly I skipped a few parts.   What I disliked: I like romance as in, eternal love and the magnetism that brings two people together.  This book had that… Continue reading Craving by Helen Hardt, Steel Brothers Saga

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Religious Fail, Medical Fail

In an effort to get my life back, I have been saying "no" to a bunch of things.  It's always hard to say "no" to people or things that I like, but it was especially hard to say no to some volunteer activities at church. I knew it had to be done, so I e-mailed… Continue reading Religious Fail, Medical Fail

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Liebster Award (2)!

I had the great fortune of being nominated twice within minutes of each other for the famous Liebster Award.  I am quite honored that the second nomination came from The Cheeky Cyclist.  Cheeky does an amazing job laying out bicycling information and tips, and it comes from someone who biked over 500 miles in a… Continue reading Liebster Award (2)!

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Christmas Kindness

So what's with the jolly looking sharks avoiding precious little candy cane hooks you ask? This is my new holiday anthem, only I haven't figured out the song to go with it... Maybe just the crinkle sound of wrapping paper? Or maybe I'll have to pay more attention in July when Shark Week rolls around… Continue reading Christmas Kindness

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Dinner with Olivia, Olivia series

Dinner with Olivia is adapted from the Nickelodeon series by Emily Sollinger and illustrated by Guy Wolek.  This book contrasts two different dinner tables from two different pig families, and its humbling ending makes it worth the read. What I disliked: The story wasn't necessarily creative in the way it was written, but it the… Continue reading Dinner with Olivia, Olivia series

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The Apples of my Eyes

Hey everyone!  I bumped into a couple awesome bloggers today and thought I'd share.  I started by exploring David Snape's blog, which looks to me like he has built an awesome community of bloggers who come together to share their talents with the world, together, in a lovingly united way.  I loved this concept and… Continue reading The Apples of my Eyes

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Stone Security by Glenna Sinclair

Well, friends of the world, I live in a snowy state that is cold 90% of the year.  Those allergic to Vitamin D may love it here, but I like to be warm.  So, instead of complaining 90% of the year, I just curl up in a warm blanket with a good book inside and… Continue reading Stone Security by Glenna Sinclair