Becky’s Open Book. A story about my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

Oh, boy. Where to start?  My name is Becky (it would most certainly be awkward if I wasn’t… “Becky’s Open Book” and all).  I am a 35 year old woman fighting off mid life crisis with a vengeance.  I am starting the filtering phase of my life, eliminating the stuff I stink at or hate, and trying to expand on the things I like.  Wait.  No.  The things I love  (There’s not nearly enough time on this earth to expand on all the things I simply like to do).

This blog is a place to share my story, my rights and beliefs (however controversial), and my pursuit of happiness in this world of instant gratification.  I believe everyone has a story – a story filled with happiness, sorrows, and everything in between.  Mine isn’t anything special or unique, but it’s something I want to capture as I move forward on this earth.  And it’s a space to listen to others’ stories, too.  I’d love to hear yours!  (Put the link to yours below and I will gladly check it out!)

I’ll be honest with you right here from the start.  My intention is not to write some beautifully scripted version of my life for readers to pass through and say, “Wow, that girl has it all together.”  I don’t.  In fact I am pretty much predicting the “Fails” chapter of this book will be the longest lol.  This blog is meant to be real, a chronicle of my life through my lens as I fight this irrational fear of dying young.

What’s in it for you?  Hopefully some of my fails will prevent you from similar humiliation.  Maybe my honesty will encourage more of it in this cover photo kind of world.  Maybe you’ll just get a chuckle.  Or maybe not.  I really don’t know yet, but I promise to be helpful if/when I can.

So, welcome to my life.



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