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Stone Security by Glenna Sinclair

Well, friends of the world, I live in a snowy state that is cold 90% of the year.  Those allergic to Vitamin D may love it here, but I like to be warm.  So, instead of complaining 90% of the year, I just curl up in a warm blanket with a good book inside and let the -5 degree weather do its thing outside.

This week’s reading came via Kindle.  I definitely prefer a book in hand, but now that my kids can both read, I honestly don’t want them stumbling upon one of mommy’s books if you know what I mean…

I found the Stone Security five book series by Genna Sinclair on Amazon for only 99c, less than the price of a candy bar at our local grocery store for over 1000 pages of reading.  The picture on the cover seemed intense, and that was basically the mood of the entire series.  Stone Security takes its job seriously, but they also stumble into beautiful damsels in distress that steal their hearts.

What I disliked:

What it lacked was realistic romance.  They were all damsels in distress.  They were all asking for favors because they were too poor to fend for themselves.  They all hated the future lover until the moment he corners her and kisses her.  They are all grabbed by the wrist as they choose to walk away.  They all get freaky with the first kiss.  The girls cry all.the.time.  None of these are things I think people really do, but maybe I don’t go out often enough in this 30 below zero windchill weather.

The series is definitely not a Harlequinn best seller by any means (my personal favorite), but halfway through the third book the Kindle quit on my Jurassic era cell phone and I about went insane wondering how the heck the characters in the book were going to get out of their latest predicament.

What I liked:

I love suspense with the romance novels I read, and this series was great in that department.  ❤ 😀 ❤


However, once I was able to get over the feminist rebel spirit in myself, the story line moved quickly and I had trouble putting any of the five books down.

I think they could be read separate of each other, but honestly it’s a great read so if you get one, you might as well get the others.

I’ll put the link here if you would like to see more.  I make zero dollars from any clicks, so absolutely no obligation.  I am just cataloging my reads for future reference.


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