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The Apples of my Eyes

Hey everyone!  I bumped into a couple awesome bloggers today and thought I’d share.  I started by exploring David Snape’s blog, which looks to me like he has built an awesome community of bloggers who come together to share their talents with the world, together, in a lovingly united way.  I loved this concept and started poking around.  It is there where I found the article, “Living Near the Arctic Circle is Difficult, but So is Parenting.”

Of course being a mama of two this caught my attention, I clicked, and once I got over the featured image, the story was comical and an honest snap shop of parenting from a perspective I really respect – how we as adults set aside our own selfish ambitions for a few years while raising the future of our country.

My favorite line was “…a good parent grabs the wet wipes and the tiny comb and takes care of business because they’ve accepted the fact that their way of living isn’t all honors ceremonies and refrigerator drawings.”


So much yes to that!

Sometimes, in this fast paced instant gratification world, we see our friends having babies and all the precious pictures of baby elves and babies with reindeer hats and babies blowing cute little bubbles, we forget for a moment how much work it is to parent!  And how much maturity one must have in order to do it right.

And not just for a day or a few months, but for the next two decades of your life and beyond.  Your life is forever changed, but definitely for the better.

I remember with my very first blog, my son was only two years old, and before I finished the very basic story, I had been interrupted no less than 15 times for reasons varying from needing help potty training, a drink of juice, and reaching a toy he couldn’t quite stretch enough for.  All things that parents can and should do for their kids in my opinion, but I remember being agitated at the constant interruption that is life in general, but also life with littles.  Now, he is a sweet little snuggler and I wouldn’t trade him for the world – definitely worth all the ups and downs and unpredictability that is parenting.

So, if you need a dose of honest, comical, relatable parenting today, head on over:

To go directly to Mike Lucas’ blog post “Living Near the Arctic Circle” click here.

To go to David Snape’s blog, where I found this gem of a post, click here.


Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “The Apples of my Eyes”

    1. So true! And, as I’m finding out, caring for an elderly dog ain’t for sissies, either! Up around the clock, special feedings, needing to be carried sometimes (not easy for me to carry an 80 pound baby), but worth it every time I see that relaxed, happy look on his old face 🙂


      1. Oh my goodness! My heart goes out to you. Those fur babies are our children too, wrapped around the same fingers our human babies grab hold of. Hang tight, this too shall pass and you’ll be so grateful you gave him all you had for the time you had him. This I know. (((Hugs)))

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