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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I stole the image from Facebook – someone forwarded the weather forecast for this weekend from the National Weather Service.

So, yeah.   This is where I live.  It is always cold.  After I return from work today I do not plan to leave the house until after the long holiday.  (Pray that my car will start in this cold weather please).

Because, just look.  -35 degrees Fahrenheit is like -37 Celsius (I don’t know Celsius very well.  Someone could post “yeah, it’s like 55 degrees Celsius today,” and I would wonder if that’s cold.)

It’s so friggen cold.  I honestly have no idea how nature survives – large animals like white tail deer and small ones like squirrels somehow manage to keep themselves warm enough to not die in this kind of ridiculously cold weather.  I have no idea how.  My face, ears and nose all burn the second that kind of air hits my skin; I can’t imagine enduring this for hours, days or weeks on end.


So, if anyone has some good romantic suspense book recommendations, I am definitely open to a good read or two.  Or, if anyone has a blog they’d like me to hit up, let me know.  I should have a bit of spare time avoiding housework all weekend.

Peace out!


11 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Yes its super cold in canada i read from news so stay warm and care health. Its most important for now. Have a happy holidays and wish you a great new year ahead 2018.

    I read a comment above you are nominated for an award so advance congrats to you and i am the first to wish you 🍀🌹🌷🌻🌺

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      1. That’s great. The basic is water and car to run around. We don’t get snow here. Its a crazy weather now. Winter but warm and at night suddenly temp drops. Lots of pollution and crazy moments between cold ,warm, pollution and crowded year end holiday season. The other part of the world is so cold that i can’t even imagine from here

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      2. I live in Hong Kong. Its a special administrative region of China. The city that never sleeps. We do not have zero degrees temp here. Its warm compare to USA and Canada. HK is very beautiful pls go to my earlier posts i published many unseen parts of hk pictures. Welcome to visit this part of the world some day to experience different culture. Have a wonderful evening. Cheers.

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