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Christmas Kindness

So what’s with the jolly looking sharks avoiding precious little candy cane hooks you ask?

This is my new holiday anthem, only I haven’t figured out the song to go with it… Maybe just the crinkle sound of wrapping paper?

Or maybe I’ll have to pay more attention in July when Shark Week rolls around again… (I can’t wait!)  Bwa ha ha!  Yes!  A Christmas anthem to shark week..

Probably not the best idea…

Anyways, here’s the story behind this sweet little role of shark themed wrapping paper:

About a week before Christmas (my FAVORITE holiday) my husband and I had a small Christmas miracle.  We both had the day off without kids, and not only that, he agreed to go into town with me.

This may seem innocent enough, but we live down miles of gravel road with a minimum of half hour drive to a town large enough to have both a Wal-Mart and a Target, so getting both of our schedules to align AND have both of us willing to travel is a small miracle.

Not only this, but when we pulled into Target, he gave me a gift certificate HE HAD WON in a national competition and said these lovely words, “Go ahead and get that wrapping paper you want so bad, Merry Christmas!” with a smile on his face!

He knew I had been dreaming of sparkly shimmery Christmas paper that was ridiculously priced, so not only had he dropped me off at one of my favorite small town stores (Target), but he lovingly encouraged me to buy the paper that would literally be ripped to shreds in a few days because he knew that Christmas was my favorite.  ❤

Little did he know I had been starting a migraine the night before, but I was so afraid of ruining our little date that I fought through it hoping with a little movement it would recede.

I was wrong.

Walking into the store kind of kicked it into overdrive, and it started affecting my vision – like I couldn’t really read the price tags because my vision was blurring.

BUT, I knew what I wanted to waste spend the gift card on: a roll of shiny shark wrapping paper that my son found hilariously awesome during a previous shopping trip.

I went straight to the wrapping paper aisle, even foregoing a cart, in search of the coveted shiny paper, imagining my son’s dramatic response to seeing that perfect paper in our home.

This Target had an ENTIRE aisle of wrapping paper – every kind of glittery, shiny, matte and splendid paper known to man.

I started in the bin I remembered seeing it last to no avail.

Just looking had kicked the migraine up to the nausea level.

Much to my luck, there was a fellow wrapping paper enthusiast also studying the various prints with a smile on her face, so I jokingly asked her, “You haven’t happened upon any shark paper, have you?”

This of course got a chortle of laughter out of her and a good natured, “They sure do think of everything” comment, but much to my delight she mentioned seeing something like that on the end cap.

I gave up my search in the vast aisle, worried that so much looking would actually produce an embarrassing display of yesterday’s meal all over the floor.  I checked the end caps along the Christmas section of the store and eventually gave up.

As I was heading toward the door, I heard, “Ma’am! Ma’am!”

I turned, excited to see what respectable human still called someone else Ma’am this day in age, expecting a silver haired lady to appear or something, but when I looked it was the jolly wrapping paper enthusiast – calling for me!

and in a hustle!

She held up the wrapping paper high to get my attention as she came my way, and when she gets closer she tells me that she found it on the other side of the store and was hustling over to get it to me.

She hustled all the way across the store to fulfill my wrapping paper wish for Christmas.

She melted my heart so much by her earnest kindness, with such compassion during the holiday for something seemingly insignificant.

She had no idea my brain was about to explode.  She had no idea why I wanted that particular paper.  She just knew I did and her kindness was nearly more than I could handle.

And multiply that by the honest caring shown by my husband to fill my holiday wish on something insignificant to most of the world just a few minutes earlier.  It was almost too much.

I gave her a hug, right there in the store.  This introverted human (believe it or not it’s true) hugged a stranger in public.  (Or should I say hugged a stranger at all, I mean it would be even more awkward to hug a stranger in private I guess).

So I went home, cried myself to sleep as my skull detached from my brain, or at least that’s what it felt like, and woke 12 hours later to dutifully wrap the last of the Christmas gifts in the delectable shiny happy shark paper.

There were about 6 inches of the paper left when all said and done, but I can’t bring myself to just let it go.  I think I’ll line a drawer with it so I can remind myself how much the kindness of a stranger can mean.

Maybe next time I can try to be more compassionate, maybe even at a Wal-Mart, because, really, nobody knows a strangers’ story, but we all have one and that is what counts.

That’s what binds us.

Merry Christmas everyone!

(If anyone has a similar story, I’d LOVE to hear it!

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