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Religious Fail, Medical Fail

In an effort to get my life back, I have been saying “no” to a bunch of things.  It’s always hard to say “no” to people or things that I like, but it was especially hard to say no to some volunteer activities at church.

I knew it had to be done, so I e-mailed the pastor and let him know the start of the new year I would have to step down from a few things.

He replied professionally, asking if my Mom and I would still do our activities this coming Sunday.

I replied, “We plan on doing it Sunday 😉

Ugh.  I really wish I would grasp the English language or learn to edit things before hitting send, or at least remember the difference between a smiley face and seductive winky face.

I’ll let you know how Sunday goes.  I may not be able to look him in the eye…

*TMI Warning*        Don’t read further if you don’t like TMI stuff*

It reminded me of the time I was traveling by car out of state and got a UTI from not drinking enough water, hoping to prevent unnecessary pit stops.

I had never had a UTI before, and I honestly didn’t know where they came from.

I asked the doctor, honest to goodness, “Are they contagious?  Because my Mom just had one last week…”

The look on his face told me I would be the butt of his jokes for a while.  Maybe medical jokes are even funnier than retail ones?

I had no idea what was so funny.

He tried not to laugh, but I could tell he really wanted to, and explained to me that UTIs are definitely not contagious, and then he proceeded to give a list of embarrassing ways that it could have been contracted.


So, as a public service announcement, UTIs are definitely NOT contagious, and you really never want to ask a doctor if they are…

Also refrain from seductive winky faces when talking to your pastor about your mom.

I’m just glad I’ll probably never ever end up at that out of state walk in clinic again.

But there is Sunday…

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash



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