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Craving by Helen Hardt, Steel Brothers Saga

I came across the book “Craving” by Helen Hardt the other day.  I read it in one sitting, the first of the Steel Brothers Saga, but honestly I skipped a few parts.


What I disliked:

I like romance as in, eternal love and the magnetism that brings two people together.  This book had that – she was in love with him and willing to weather the storm with him in order to have her heart content.  She exhibited loyalty, patience, and persistence.  However, what I hated was that she was so willing to give her body to him to behave like school child.  I don’t mind the alpha males in romances, it’s kinda part of the fantasy to be pursued, but she does most of the pursuing.  Also, when he gets mad, her ass turns red.  Not romance.  Just crude, graphic sex.

What I liked:

I love the mystery/suspense of this story.  He is trying to find his way, she has information to help him – will they come together or will the secret separate them for good?  You’ll have to read to find out.

Also, something I really liked about this book that may be underrated is the author’s ability to explain how childhood trauma carries so much into adulthood, whether we acknowledge it or not.  I one time read that nearly all of us will have an experience as a child that we would label traumatic, from death to fear of harm to actual harm.  This author took that and communicated the insecurities that carries into relationships, whether with friends or lovers, in a very sophisticated way.  That is the part that kept me glued to the book.  How is he going to face that reality when the past is so incredibly painful?

All in all it was worth the read.  I have considered reading the next in the series as the characters were all brought to life; however, there were a few scenes that were too strong for me and I wouldn’t EVER want my kids to come across, so for now I’m refraining.

If anyone has read the other books in this series, I’d love to know if they are just as good and if they are just as hard core?

Where to find it:

Find Craving on Amazon here.  As of today it is only $5.99 for the Kindle edition.

(I make zero money from your clicks, only here for reference.)

craving hh

Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash



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