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Tech fails

Hey everybody!

I made a couple awesome purchases yesterday that I had been saving up for.  To the rest of the world, I am probably updating to what was great about a decade ago, but it’s an upgrade to me 🙂

The first was for a tablet.  I went to three stores looking for tablets in my price range that were an improvement from my kids’ previous ones.  The first two didn’t have what I wanted in stock, and the third did have it, but it was ten dollars more expensive because it came with a keyboard.

The display was screwed down to the counter, so I couldn’t really play with it in my defense.  So when the salesman came around I asked him if the keyboard did, in fact detach, he gave me the most exhausted look, he might have even sighed dramatically while explaining to me, “Yes, ma’am, that’s why it’s called a tablet.”

Whoops.  Apparently I made myself the butt of his breakroom jokes for awhile.

So, for anyone else out there reading this, tablets always have detachable keyboards, and laptops always have them attached.

*palm to forehead*

Only fair.  I guess I jinxed myself last week when I laughed at a customers’ odd request…

The previous guy had informed me to keep the apps my kids had on their androids, an ugrade for them would be to a Samsung or RCA, both which support Android and wouldn’t break my kids’ heart to start over on Minecraft.  Just fyi.

Also, I haven’t figured out to do what he said, so I have no idea if that’s real or not.

Then I went to upgrade my cell phone.  I hate to admit this, but my last cell phone literally costed $20, which I thought was awesome for a touch screen phone with internet – a vast improvement from my phone prior to that lol.

This new cell phone has a front facing camera.  I swear that every time my daughter plays on it, she leaves it on selfie mode solely to watch me jump out of my skin when I unlock the screen and see this ugly mug staring back at me.

The first time I nearly dropped the brand spanking new phone.

Also, my daughter found the “beauty” mode, something I had never heard of, which is awesome because it removes all the rosascea from my face and I look normal for a second.

Then my little mini me hit the video mode, which automatically cut the beauty mode, and she keeps replaying my reaction to seeing the real me, which, like me, was a little dramatic for the situation.

Well, hope you all learned something, like beauty modes and what tablets actually are the dangers of self facing cameras.

Peace out!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash




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