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PSA: 90% off Target Christmas

You guys… I just went in for toilet paper…

I forgot what I went there for three times before I even passed the cart corral (palm to forehead).  Either Target has magic or I have Alzheimer’s.

0102181534_Film4.jpgWhile I was checking out, a woman merged into the line that was starting to form behind me.  She visibly was super annoyed at how it was taking. She only had a single roll of paper towels (insert unnecessary judgment).

I asked the cashier to combine two boxes of broken specialty balls to make a complete set. I’m pretty sure fancy pants behind me rolled her eyes.

In her defense, she may have been blind or something since she got in line behind me with MY CLEARLY FILLED CART.

But it’s Christmas and all, so I’ll forgive her.


Also I saved $260 dollars today. That’ll put a smile on any Grinch’s face.


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