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Every Night by Lexy Timms, The Brush of Love series 1

I tried this one. I couldn’t do it folks. I skipped at least part of just about every page for 16 chapters and gave up 68% of the way through.

What I disliked:

Everything. Maybe if I was ten years younger, still had teenage angst and hated my parents I could have liked it. Maybe if I wanted my man to be a big sissy or maybe if I naively thought we could change the world by obsessing over the one nice thing we did I could have liked it.

Blech. I’m annoyed just thinking about it.

Maybe I disliked how much time was taken up with secondary characters and their drama. Or starting a relationship by unfairly keeping a huuuuuge secret about the other. And don’t forget the lies that come with keeping the secret.  Not my thing, but definitely not bad writing though, either.

What I liked:

I enjoyed the beginning when you met the hot male lead who was also compassionate and bold. I loved the female leads’ desire to follow her heart and pursue a dream. I loved the setting. This was one of my favorite lines when she is talking about her passion for art:

everynight lt

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

If you like those kind of books feel free to click here and peruse it yourself. It definitely has potential for a different demographic than myself.  It looks like there are other books in this series, but unless someone can vouch for me that they are better than this one, I’m just gonna leave them on the shelf…


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