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The Hookup By Kristen Ashley, Moonlight & Motoroil Series

As the temps plummeted over our Christmas/New Years vacation this year, I took it as a great excuse to stay indoors and curl up with a book.

After perusing the internet, I happened upon FMA Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews blog with a post about the freshly published book “The Hookup” by Kristin Ashley.  I had never heard of the Moonlight & Motor Oil Series, nor had I heard of Kristin Ashley, but the review highlighted all the things I look for in a romantic suspense book: alpha males, independent females, ROMANCE, and a suspense/problem they need to overcome.

I downloaded it to my Kindle and finished all 350 pages in two days.  And not only that, but I read nearly every sentence of every page – no boring parts to skip over.

What I disliked:

I really had to think hard to come up with something I didn’t like.  If I have any criticisms, it’s just that it took forever for the suspense and the suspense was short lived.  However, it was there.  I would have preferred more of the Motor Oil part to play into the story -maybe some story line in his garage or actually on one of his sweet rides instead of just talking about them. The book could have ended at about page 150, but the second half is good, too.

What I liked:

ALL OF IT!  This is a great read for romantic suspense fans like me.

The first few pages I honestly saw myself in nearly every aspect of the female lead – she was very disciplined, creative, hard working, had pets, preferred country living, and she talked nonstop (kind of like I ramble when typing, typical of the way my pinball brain works under the shy exterior).

He was a fun male lead.  He of course was loaded, so I could set reality aside and live in the fantasy for a few hours.  He took care of business, but more than that he took care of his woman.  Maybe to the point of being unrealistic, but it is so nice to read that aspect than the women are just things to use mentality that seems to be portrayed in many romances.  I honestly wouldn’t have clicked on “The Hookup” if I hadn’t previously read the review because I need romance and marriage, not just taking physical advantage of each other (to each their own, I won’t judge others, it’s just not for me.)  However, this book was chock full of romance, purposeful romance, patience, and forgiveness.  The main characters truly tried to see each others’ point of view rather than shoving their own personal views down each others’ throats.

The end of the book hints towards another love story blooming for the Moonlight & Motor Oil series, and it is pretty tempting to add that one to my library as well.  We’ll see if time allows 🙂

Where to find it:

Honestly, I would highly recommend reading this book.  It is one of my new favorites!  Well worth the $3.99 I paid for the Kindle edition on Amazon, a link can be found here.

I receive nothing for this link, no pressure 🙂

hookup ka

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