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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard series

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren is the first in a long series I won’ t be reading.  I stayed away because the title was so crass, and I maybe should have stayed away.

What I disliked:

I was hoping for billionaire type romance, but there was zero romance in this for me.  He was all like, Hey B**, you’re so ugly, B**.  and she was all like Call me a b** again and I’ll tell you I hate you while I let you have your way with me.  Yeah, it was creative and definitely hot, but it was also very degrading and subjective.  I didn’t get more than 1/3 through the book before I looked for something with more love and hope in this world.

What I liked:

It had some hot  scenes.  She had a strong work ethic.

Where to find it:

If you are looking for a hot read, feel free to click here and check it out on Amazon Kindle for just $7.99.

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