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Parenting Fail

Just a little personal story I don’t want to forget.

Last night I was snuggling with both of my kids in the bottom bunk.  We had a little flashlight hanging from the top so I could read a chapter of “The Hatchet” to them.  They each have assigned sides – my son always gets my left arm and my daughter always gets my right, so that’s how we were snuggled in the bottom bunk, surrounded in pink walls and stuffed animals.

We were all getting along great.  Bonding even when I finished the chapter and set the book down.  My daughter had scratched my back in her sleepy/snuggly state so  I told her, good naturedly, “That felt so good!  I thought I was in Heaven!”

My seven year old, now extremely sleepy, dramatically responded with a heart felt, “No, Mom!  Don’t say that!  I don’t want you dead!”

In order to pacify him, I responded, “Don’t worry bud, I’ll try not to die.”

Then my daughter, just as exhausted and overly dramatic responded, “Mom!  Don’t say that either!  Now that brought a tear to my eye!” and both kids proceeded to weep to sleep.

I guess I shouldn’t have made said comment after reading a story about a pilot that dies midair of a flight, leaving the teen aged character to crash land the plane…

Not a very good parenting moment.  Basically a fail.  But it was a fun reminder that my kids don’t actually hate me, and even though I don’t buy them cell phones or let them ride their bikes on the streets, they still kinda like me.

Peace out everyone!  I’d say “I hope you find your own piece of Heaven tonight,” but depending on what you’ve read today, that maybe wouldn’t have the intended effect.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash


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