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Chains of Life by Shandi Boyes, Perceptions series

I was looking for one last pleasure read before school started back up, and after reading Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews‘ review of “Chains,” I thought this might be a good read.

What I disliked:

Though the review mentions small BDSM, basically the entire book from cover to cover is about entering the BDSM world.  The scenes are’t graphic or violent, but it’s on nearly every page.  I also disliked the ending.  I’m all about Happily Ever Afters, and this book left me hanging, wanting me to purchase the next in the series to see how it works out.  I only paid 99 cents so I shouldn’t complain, but I like my stories complete.  Now I feel like I have to write the happy ending in my head so I can move on as time is not going to be my friend for a few months.

What I liked:

This author caught the hot part of romance novels and dashed in enough romance to keep me entertained.  The way they immediately fall in love by chance is riveting and endearing.  The book moved quickly and it was over all too soon.  It was as close to 50 Shades as any I’ve read, but the repeated references to 50 Shades itself made it more than a little obvious that was the intent.  I loved that she was a strong female lead, caring for others but also sticking up for herself.  I loved that he was patient but a clear leader.

He will not break me. I am stronger than this.

If this is up your alley, feel free to click here! 

Presents Release Blitz: Chains of Life by Shandi Boyes GOODREADS Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance with small BDSM Elements Series: Perception, Book 6 Available for 99 cents! AMAZON A scorching contemporary romance read from the author who brought you the Enigma and Perception series. Can a struggling […]

via Chains of Life by Shandi Boyes Release Blitz — Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

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