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Vikings for the Win!

Ladies and gentlemen, Shieldmaidens and Vikings,  I feel I must explain the importance of last night’s win.

NFL football is one of my favorite sports to watch.  I don’t follow all the teams and do the rosters and all that, but I do like to watch the Vikings.

In fact, one of my favorite memories was my 30th birthday.  A bunch of friends and I attended a Viking’s game together, and on the train on the way back to our hotel, the exuberant crowd caught wind that it was my birthday, and the entire train sang Happy Birthday to me.  That was pretty much awesome.Vikes.jpg

Also, my favorite color has always been purple, so I guess it is only natural to root for the home football team (Purple Pride, Vikings Pride, same thing).

A few years ago, the Saints beat us in a play off game (the team we beat last night), eliminating our hopes of the Super Bowl that year despite a pretty strong team.

That’s the the fact.

After that win, there was a huge controversy saying that the Saints had put bounties on injuring our players/taking them out of the game.  It is a physical sport, so putting a bounty on someone already in a dangerous game makes my stomach knot.  Maybe fact?  Maybe not, but I got caught up in the drama.

THEN, after that demoralizing game, I had to read “Who Dat?” on my Facebook feed for WEEKS as the Saints made their way to the Super Bowl.  Seriously, the resurrection of that term now still makes me swallow hard with irritation  Now, after the win, our fans are all like, “WE Dat!” and although I get it, taking the power back after an embarrassing defeat a few years ago is empowering, but it still reminds me of fricken Who Dat and I kind of still cringe.

Also, the Super Bowl is to be held in our home state this year.  We have a brand new stadium and we are PSYCHED to host, so the possibility of getting booted from any possibility of the game on home turf for the first time in history was thoroughly demoralizing.

The game last night was up and down.  We had the lead.  We lost the lead.  Then with just 30 seconds to go, we were down by two points.  If you’ve ever heard of the Vikings Curse, that’s basically where we’ve lost important playoff games by simply a single bad kick, missing the chances of entering the Super Bowl by a measly field goal.

So when we were down by a measly field goal last night with just 30 seconds on the clock, every Viking fan was demoralized.  The stands were quiet.  Our home was quiet.

I came home to a quiet house with just a few minutes left of the game.

Then our team made a few positive plays.  Then we stagnated.

Then, with SEVEN SECONDS TO GO, our QB Case Keenum threw the 7 Heaven play, and our amazing wide receiver Stefon Diggs caught it, and instead of going out of bounds to stop the clock, he saw the clear path, took it, and TOUCH DOWN!

We all held our breath for a few minutes, waiting for the flag to come.  But it never did!

Our home went wild for a long time.  Then came the “I can’t believe it” giggles.

Amidst the giggles came the realization that by league rules, both teams had to get back on the field for a final field goal attempt.  The poor Saints had to come back out of the locker rooms, the Vikings had to find their helmets, they all had to line up just to take a knee and officially finish the game.

Vikings logo.jpg


Then we watched the replays for an hour and went to bed with gigantic smiles on our faces.

Our team had done it.  They had defeated the fricken Saints for another shot at the Super Bowl.

Granted, we still have to win another tough game to make it into the Super Bowl, but we’re not out of the running yet!

So, that’s my interpretation of the Minnesota Miracle that happened last night, which I am still celebrating today.  I’ll post a few links below if you want to watch it for yourself.  You won’t regret it (Unless you’re a Saints fan, and then all I have to say is WE DAT!)

I really want to add how much I appreciated that both the QB Keenum and WR Diggs gave glory to God immediately as the press hounded them.  I am not saying God decided a football game, but the fact that they both gave God the glory at a time it could have been extremely easy to be selfish and take it themselves was pretty awesome.

This is what I watched last night:  Click Here  for the Youtube video.  At 7:47 Youtube time when Keenum starts the SKOL chant, I am green with envy.   I wished I could have been there. I cannot imagine the vibrations rumbling through the stadium at that moment – I guarantee every fan felt that chant right to their core!

A few other videos/news stories: posted this video and this story Click here.  Newsweek story here.  Paul Allen’s Radio Call – one of my favorites.  A youtube video  Click here.




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