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Just Me and My Mom by Mercer Mayer, Little Critter series

The Little Critter series was one of my favorites as a child, so when my daughter brought home her first Scholastic book order from school, I added Just Me and My Mom by Mercer Mayor to the list just for me.

I remember as an older elementary kid reading this series to my little pre-school aged brother who loved to look for the hidden critters on each page.  I remember feeling smart that I could read it to him all on my own, and I remember appreciating when my Mom would sit down and read it to me.

What I disliked:

It’s an older looking book now, but other than that no criticisms.

What I liked:

This book is full of innocent mischief.  Each page highlights a precious moment in childhood that nearly everyone can relate to.  The pages are busy, keeping youngsters occupied and engaged as the parent (or older sibling) finishes the reading.  It helps build longer reading sessions, crucial to school success in later years.

Where to find it:

We found ours in the school book orders.  You can find yours here on Amazon for less than $3.



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