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On the Run by Becca Somers, Dirty Little Daydreams

On the Run by Becca Somers is a sweet story about a girl, on the run, and the man chasing after her.  It’s tender and adventurous, and best of all it’s FREE on her blog, Dirty Little Daydreams.  Check it out!

What I disliked?

Some grammatical and spelling errors.

What I liked:

All the rest.  The strong female lead, the patient alpha male chasing her, the romance, the suspense.  Best of all, it was free!

Running. That’s what she did best, Ana thought to herself as she laced her tennis. At least now she was a practiced runner, though that wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago she didn’t value speed and endurance the way she did now. She had nothing to run from, so why prepare herself for […]

via On the Run p.1 — Dirty Little Daydreams


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