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Awfully Optimistic

I’ve been blessed to run across a very positive blog that I would like to share.  Anthony at “Today’s Perfect Moment” inspires me to see the good in the ordinary.  His posts always find some sort of perfection in everyday things, whether on a bus or on a bike, in the classroom or out, and it has got me thinking – (you know, in those quiet moments in the day, when you can get fully in your own head and rationally think your life through) – why do I hide behind this veil of pessimism?

I’ve had this thought before.  It’s clearly just a defense mechanism.  Expect the worse, then anything that’s better that happens seems like a blessing. Maybe I see optimism as arrogance or naivete, things I don’t want to become, but holding back too much can come across much the same way so that’s no excuse.

Rationally, arrogance and optimism aren’t even in the same league.

Sadly, I find myself passing the pessimist personality trait onto my children.  My daughter keeps asking if we’re going to the Superbowl since it’s in our home state this year.  I keep telling her things like, “Dream on,” or “Not in this lifetime” or “Never gonna happen.”

But in moments like these I have the opportunity to implant hope, optimism and encourage big dreams instead of squelching them with a single remark.

When we did make it to Wisconsin Dells last summer, I found myself waylaying my kids’ dreams that they would excitedly share with me.  “Mom, do you think they will have a water slide that reaches the clouds?  Do you think our hotel room will have a pool in it?  Can I bring sixteen stuffed animals with for the long car ride?”

Ugh, I find myself needing a breath now reliving the barrage of questions.  “No, would you really want to climb that many stairs up to the clouds to ride a slide?  Mama’s never gonna be able to afford a hotel room with  our own personal pool.  Bring all the stuffed animals you want, but I’m not taking care of them – you are.”

What a dream ruiner I am!  Instead of taking a moment to imagine with them and enjoy the perfection that his childhood, I get overwhelmed with the details.  And in my attempt to keep it real and manage the details, I become a wet blanket.  Instead of being a hopeful optimist, I become a pessimist that doesn’t want to deal with their future disappointments and all the tears and tantrums that inevitably follow it.

Maybe we won’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t EVER go.  Just because we can’t afford Disney this year doesn’t mean we will NEVER make it.  I need to strive to become better, but honestly at this moment I am awful at optimism.

I do know that I don’t have the answer.  Yet.  But as Anthony’s Perfect Moments pop up in my feed, I will be reminded to search for the good instead of protecting myself from the potential bad.  Maybe a small step in the right direction will get me closer to the person I want to be.

Here’s an excerpt from the amazing blog:

And one day the student shall become the teacher. As I became a teacher (sometimes joyfully, sometime begrudgingly, sometimes with a clear view of the irony and karmic significance), this saying is somewhat prophetic. However, in it’s less literal form, it sums up Today’s Perfect Moment quite well. Today, I, at times the surliest […]

via Happiness Arithmetic: Easier Than Algebra — Today’s Perfect Moment

Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Awfully Optimistic”

  1. I am rather humbled by your praise. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing my blog with your readers and I will do my utmost to continue looking for positive things every day.
    Further, I hope some amazing reader will find a way to send your family to the Superbowl to see the Vikings win.

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      1. Your blog reignited my personal intention to seek perfection not so much in myself, but in the world around me. The more I look, the more perfection I see. The math really does add up! For example, I saw a sun dog the other morning. I would have written it off as an odd sunrise, but your blog and intentionality seeped into my brain, and when I made it to a field, and later a Walmart parking lot, I saw the whole picture, the complete, amazing, beautiful sun dog. I took a picture and shared with my friend who was having a tough day. It created a giggle. So not only did I see something I would have overlooked last week, but the perfection multiplied by sharing it with others. Long story, but pretty cool ripple effects.

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      2. That is awesome! I especially liked that you shared it with someone.
        I am a big believer in “pay it forward” or the ripple effects of good deeds. I always think that when I hold the door open for someone, or help them in even the smallest of ways.
        I started this blog to bring happiness to myself, and now that I am bringing happiness to other people (whether it be 1 or 1000) really makes me feel good.
        Thank you so much
        Go Vikings.

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