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The Texas Renegade Returns by Charlene Sands

The Texas Renegade Returns by Charlene Sands is a sweet little love story of persevering through the trials and tribulations that is life.

What I disliked:

It was super detailed right down to what type of soup she was warming.  There were a couple other extra characters that helped the story but spent a lot of time in the story.

What I liked:

It is a sweet love story.  They are destined to be together – or are they?  They follow their hearts through some serious drama to find out their destiny.  They never give up, and they have to relearn to love each other while dealing with memory loss.

I loved his accent.  It’s definitely my all time favorite accent via book, ever ❤

Where to find it:

I found mine for free at a neighborhood book trade, but you can find yours on Amazon Kindle for less than $3 by clicking here  🙂





fencepost Photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash




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