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Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman

Wow. Just wow.

I ran across a quote from the book “Here on Earth” by Alice Hoffman on one of my favorite blogs, Everyday Strange, and it piqued my curiosity enough to fork over some dough for a read slightly different than my go-to.

It was so worth every penny.

“Here on Earth” by Alice Hoffman is a love story unlike any others I’ve ever read.  It’s like six love stories crafted together into one beautifully written novel that highlights both the beauty and the pain that we are willing to endure to follow our hearts to the end of Earth and beyond.

And of course the last few paragraphs gutted me to the point I couldn’t sleep for a good hour despite the late hour I sacrificed finishing it cover to cover yesterday, though you’d have to read the entire book for it to enrapture you the same way.

What I disliked:

It switched perspectives a lot. One paragraph would be from the teenagers mind. Two paragraphs later it would be from the moms perspective. It was hard to get used to, but once I did it was lovely.

I also disliked the amount of extramarital affairs; however the reviews did indicate it would be secretively dark so I should have guessed.

What I liked:

It was beautifully written, thought provoking and in a tone I haven’t felt in a while. It really spoke volumes about the power of love and how it compels us to be something else – something more – something new.

It also described a season, (in life as well as the weather) so astonishingly well that I’m not going to even try to give it words.  Alice Hoffman captured a feeling, something unrepeatable.  I find myself thinking about certain aspects of the book during random times of the day – in the car driving, talking with a stranger, or just trying to understand my own world.

Shockingly I would relive the pain that book sends you through a hundred times more just to be blessed enough to read it again.

Where to find it:

If you are looking for a dark love story unlike any others click here. You won’t regret it!  I found it on Amazon Kindle for less than $9.00.

Alice Hoffman Here on Earth





4 thoughts on “Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman”

  1. Great review! I recently read her book: the marriage of opposites, and feel the same way. It was a book that got under my skin in the best way, and one I enjoyed marinating on for the past many months. I look forward to checking this one out now too! Thanks!

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