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New Baby by Stan & Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears’ series

“New Baby” by Stan & Jan Berenstain, part of the Berenstain Bears’ series, is a 32 page soft cover book intended for ages 4-7, Lexile is AD620, meaning it is intended to be read to a child.  For our family, I read it to the preschoolers and by second grade they could read it themselves.  I remember as an elementary student not being able to retire it off my book shelf until Middle School; this series was one of my childhood favorites.

What I disliked:

The baby pops out unexpectedly while the big bear goes on a bed-building adventure with Papa Bear; Brother Bear had no idea she was even pregnant at the start of the adventure.

What I liked:

There is always a short, four line or so poem on the front page; this is something I always look forward to.  The book moves quickly and has great illustrations, improving the parent-child reading situation from stressful to engaged.

Where to find it:

This book is available on Amazon for less than $5; more information/details about this book can also be found HERE.



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