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Find a Perfect Moment Challenge, Week One

I challenged myself to be more optimistic for the next month or so, to see if it really works.

The answer clearly is yes.  The more I connect those dots in my head in a positive direction, the easier it will be to get there the next time.  I’m not even sure why I need to test such a theory, but of course being the stubborn person I am, I have to test everything.

Here are a few highlights from my first week:

Perfection #1

As I was heading to work the other day, I was a little annoyed that the sun was directly in my eyes making it blindingly difficult to drive.  I pulled up to an intersection, noticed the odd sunrise, and went about my drive.

As I was speeding along, I kept thinking over some recent blog posts encouraging us to be more intentional in seeking out the good.  I tried to challenge my thinking to be more positive – I tried to see the bright sun, sparkling off all the snow to blinding levels, as something great instead of an annoyance.

I eventually broke a clearing in the trees, and that’s when I realized this particularly odd sunrise was actually just a small part of an amazing, fantastic, unreal sun dog stretching as far across the sky as visually possible. It was phenomenal.

Pictures never do these perfect moments justice, but here was my attempt.


For those that are religious, I suppose it was a way that God was saying, “NOTICE ME!  QUIT COMPLAINING AND NOTICE THE AWESOME WONDER BEFORE YOU! ” yet I look away, annoyed with the interruption… yikes.

That perfect moment inspired me to look harder the next day, bringing about Perfection #2:


I know I shouldn’t brag, but Minnesota skies are pretty amazing.

While pulled over appreciating the beauty before me (and also making me 30 seconds late for work), I was able to see our Ice Castle for the first time this season.


The ice was harvested from the lake it is touching towards the back where it has an amazing slide that the kids bring their sleds for.  They really shoot down the slick ice down over the frozen lake.  Pretty cool.

Perfection #3 comes to me each evening as I try to catch up or wind down from the day.  This is my little oasis.  When I am on here, nobody bothers me.  They let me tread in solitude, knowing that once I step off that oasis I will be prepared for the bombardment of homework questions, scheduling issues, pet care, bedtime, supper, cleaning and volunteering requests.  I’m no speed racer, and I shouldn’t be drinking Dr. Mt. Dew, but this is a piece of Heaven to me.

This is what you see:


This is what I see:


I should also add the striped board that my laptop is sitting on was created by my husband, brownie points for him.  And I am facing the window that shows our front door so no surprise visits.

Perfection # 4


A surprise snow storm took me off guard on our way to my daughter’s sports practice.  I am so thankful we made it safely there on time.

Perfection #5


Life!  This puppy was found a couple years ago in a drainage ditch way out the in middle of nowhere.  It is awesome that the farmer noticed this tiny tiny tiny ball of fur, took the time to rescue it out of the ditch and attempt to find its home.  When its owners weren’t located, or more likely when the owners were asked about and denied this precious bit of life, the farmer was able to share this bundle of joy with our family.

This now full grown pup is super chill, friendly, and fast as lightening.  He has become my son’s snuggle buddy, my daughter’s wrestling partner, and my company on the quiet mornings.  We are blessed by the farmer’s find to say the least.

Perfection #6


Our post office is now open 24/7.  Well, we have access to our boxes 24/7 at least 🙂  This is a huge blessing to those of us with abnormal schedules 😀

Perfection #7


Rec Volleyball started.  In Minnesota in the dead of winter, it’s difficult for me, a person who loves to be warm, to get myself out of the house.  Rec ball does that for me.  Each Monday you’ll find me embarrassing myself in our elementary school’s makeshift cafeteria/gymnasium, where I run for a ball that I’ll never get to, I laugh too hard to focus, and I imagine myself an Olympic player when the reality is my fifth grader can nearly outplay me.

So, the final perfection of the week.  The start of another season of indoor rec ball.  *sighs contentedly while sipping coffee*


(Thanks again to Anthony at Today’s Perfect Moment.)






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  1. I invite and nominate you to accept the Sun Shine blogger Award and please view my yesterdays post. Conditions are very simple it request to post your own taken Sun related pictures in return. Hope to see your post soon. Cheers. Good day.

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