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I need your help!

In our school district, the teachers invite parents as Book Club Leaders for the fifth grade.  A dozen or so of us show up dutifully each week to invite the kids into our world of reading.  It is enjoyable to see other book lovers in my community, devoted adults hoping to inspire kids to see the world around them in a new light, to challenge them to consider new points of view, and to spark the curiosity that resides in all our souls.

We leaders have this unspoken bond, acknowledging each other with an armful of books, a smile, and a head nod.  We carry the weight of inspiring these young minds dutifully.  It is so amazing to be part of this community.

The teachers let us, the ardent adults, choose the book.  That was what drew me to the program in the first place; I get the flexibility to choose a book to share with the students – how great is that!

Also, it’s a lot of pressure.  I mean, I get to choose the book we spend an hour per week studying with our students, hoping to inspire them to want to read at home on their own.  I can’t fail them.  I don’t want to choose a book they hate and accidentally drown out their desire to learn, explore and read, ruining them for the rest of their lives!

Which leads me to this post.  HELP!  The kids want a funny book, I want a strong female lead, and the teachers require a Lexile of 800-1200.  Any ideas? (I can work around the Lexile).



Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash


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