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Color Fun with Elmo and Friends

Color Fun with Elmo and Friends is a small board book intended for toddlers to experiment with.

What I disliked:

This book targets colors, such as a page on the color green.  All of the objects are green, such as a green van and green bottle cap, but the background color is yellow.  I honestly have difficulty figuring it out, and to an illiterate forming mind, I think it would be very confusing.

What I liked:

It’s a little board book just right for small little toddler hands to practice little book skills, like turning the pages.

Where to find it:

Ours was given to us as a gift, and the cheapest book like it is selling for nearly one thousand dollars on Amazon lol.  I then tried Barnes and Nobles and see that they are asking nearly $30 for the little confusing book; there’s absolutely no way I would recommend this book at those prices to anyone.


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