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While cruising through my reader today, I was struck by the challenge The Forgotten Bella posted: to compose a story/poem/etc. with each letter of the alphabet starting a new sentence, alphabetically of course.  I would encourage you to head over and check out her works 🙂

This was just the distraction I was looking for today.  It was incredibly hard.  I didn’t even finish with full sentences or rhyming; I was just glad I could come up with a word for each letter lol.

It’s kind of dark, so maybe I’ll try again another day and try to harness some good vibes.  Ironically, I had a fantastic day today and didn’t feel this way at all.  Fruedian feels maybe?  Who knows, lol.

Here it goes:



Buried, six feet down.

Chest aching, ripping, tearing.

Drowning, then struggling, then numb.


Fleeting is this life.

Gone in the blink of an eye.

Hanging by a string, then spiraling, then gone.


Jarred into reality.

Katapulted into the unknown.

Longing for the former, very well known.


Nagged to move on.

Overthrown by the welcome scars.

Protected by the walls they haphazardly erect.


Resonating in the soul.

Stubbornly refusing to leave.

Treacherously impossible answers, forever beckoning.


Valuable memories.

Waiting to sucker punch.

Xysters they are, tearing and cutting to the bone.


Yielding to the onslaught.

Zephyr and sweet are the memories.

Zealously anticipating the eternal reunion.




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