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Framed for Murder by Mary Alford

Framed for Murder by Mary Alford is part of the Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense series.  It is the first Christian romance book I have ever read, and I am hooked!

What I disliked:

It honestly had all the elements I look for in a book: alpha male, strong female, suspense and romance/love.

What I liked:

I liked that both he and she were strong leaders in the book.  She got no special treatment, he respected her but went out of is way to look after her the best he could given the circumstances.  They were clearly in love,  and it was shown through valorous acts instead of singing the sheets.

I loved the suspense.  It kept me turning the page for hours wondering how they were going to get out of their current conundrum.

I am pleasantly surprised at the Christian element.  It wasn’t overwhelming or dominant, but it was there during all the right times, motivating me to pray more often and let things go – something I struggle with in real life.

Where to find it:

I found ours at the little free library in town, but you can find yours for less than $4 on Amazon Kindle here.

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Photo by Eden Wake on Unsplash


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