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Mindless Rambling. Not worth your time to read…

I came across Everyday Strange’s post featuring The Sound of Silence, a song by Simon and Garfunkel (one of my mom’s favorites so of course it caught my attention).  ES mentions that the song has been popping up again lately and connected the song to a figure skating video featuring Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres, a French duo that absolutely rocked the performance.

I watched the video for the first time when I should have been watching the The Big Game I Won’t Name, and it went straight to my heart.  It struck deeply and very very very much unexpectedly.  The music, of course, was right up my alley.  But their technical performance was something I could never even imagine up – it was off the charts beautiful.

It started me thinking about how much I would love to meet these two in real life, even if for a few seconds.  Maybe I’d be able to somehow see into their soul and absorb what makes them tick, what makes them rise to the top and pursue their passion unapologetically.

But just fantasizing about speaking with these two upped my daydream to another level.  If I could interview anyone in the world, who would it be?

Actually, why limit myself? If I could interview many people, what kind of people would I want to learn about?

Absolutely I would want to learn about Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres.  What drives them to practice and train and get on the ice so much that they can deliver something so phenomenal on an international stage?  It takes something so different, the “it” factor, the “x” factor, whatever you want to call it, they have it.  Were they born with determination, or was there something that triggered it or was it developed intentionally over time?  What did their hometowns look like?  How do they handle the schedule?  How do they blow off steam?  Do they ever skate just for fun?  So many questions, so many wonders.

But more than just the duo, what makes people around the world tick?  In general, what causes humans to drag their feet out of their warm beds, plant them firmly on the cold floor and shuffle to their work boots for the day?  Why is it important to them to do so?  What makes people do these things, day after day?  And, for those that enjoy putting on their workbooks, where did they get that passion?  Did they know as a child what they wanted to be as an adult?  Did someone see something in them and encourage the passion?  Did they work harder than everyone else to get there?  Do they hate their job but do it for other reasons?

What is their true passion?   How did they learn about it?  Practice it?  Perfect it?

What do others know that I don’t?  How can I learn from others?  How can what they know spark something in myself, the ripple effect maybe not being evident immediately, but still being important?  How did others get to where they are?  Where do others plan to be in the future?  How do they plan to get there?

What are their roots?  Where did they come from?  How does their heritage play a part in who they are today?  What are their hopes, dreams and aspirations?

What is the toughest thing they’ve had to overcome?  How did they overcome it?

Do they go to bed happy?

What makes people like the brains behind Everyday Strange decide to look around and really see the world around them?  What made the creator of Little Fears decide to put a pen to a photograph and make creative magic?  What made Michael, Afterwards create such comical lyrics?  Or connect Cheeky to her bicycle or Anthony to ESL?  I don’t know, but I wish I did.

So many questions.  So little time.

Maybe I’ll start a bucket list or a wish list of sorts, of all the places and people I’d like to see in my lifetime.  Why wait til Australia?  Maybe I’ll just start asking people around me now 🙂

Well, that was quite a ramble from ice skating…

Good night, and I hope you wake with passionate determination come sunrise.

via Strange Acoustics: Sound of Silence

Photo by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash


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