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Perfect Moments Week #2

I am happy to report that week number two was a lot easier when it came to finding perfect moments.  Intentionally seeking out the good is working out, well, pretty darn good!

Here’s the run down: (I didn’t even feel the need to pull over to the side of the road to capture the perfect moments photographically in an effort to permanently grasp the good.  I just excitedly kept looking for the next thing!)

Perfect Moment #1:

My elderly lab slept through the night three nights in a row.  His elderly bladder rarely allows this anymore, so getting a full night’s rest not just one night but three nights in a row was a complete Godsend.

Perfect Moment #2:

My daughter told me the name of her crush.  (Just kidding.  That’s a lie).  I accidentally came upon a text she was writing to her best friend that revealed such information so now I get to secretly smile on the inside every time she passively mentions his name.

Perfect Moment #3

My husband said these words, “Please don’t buy me anything for Valentine’s until the 15th.”  Yeah, he gets me.

Perfect Moment #4

The girls in my fifth grade book club loved the book I picked out for them.  It’s the first time all the girls unanimously voted for the same book.  That’s a big Win in my book.

Perfect Moment #5

I hit my treadmill miles goal two weeks in a row.  I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely mine.

Perfect Moment #6

I learned to type the numbers using the top line of the keyboard, breaking my bookkeeper-for-a-decade natural reversion to the calculator number pad.  *pats self proudly on back*

Perfect Moment #7

My brain worked last night at rec ball.  Instead of stupidly watching the ball fall three feet in front of me, I did one of those slow motion save the day plays where I dove onto my stomach and slid across the faux wood floor and stretched my arms to reach the ball just far enough to prevent the red, black and white ball from hitting the floor.  By some stroke of luck, it went up high enough for another teammate to get it over the net.  Then the crowd went wild (the only crowd was my kids and husband) and my team congratulated me and we almost won.  Ahh, yes.  That was perfection.

Perfect Moment #7.5

I asked a favor of my daughter, and the favor she wanted in return was for me to search “Good background music for a slime video.”  Love it.

(Thanks again to Anthony at Today’s Perfect Moment for the inspiration!)

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