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Bible Readers 3 Stories in 1 Book!

Bible Readers 3 stories in 1 Book! is a Biblical retelling of Daniel & the Lions, David & Goliath and Jesus & the Children.  It is a Level 1 Reader for Emerging Readers grades K-1, age range 4-7.  I think my first grader could read it.

What I disliked:

I couldn’t find it on Amazon Prime, so I would either have to pay extravagantly to purchase it myself, or do some homework finding a better place to purchase it.  Also, the paragraphs were not indented.  I know I shouldn’t be one to criticize that, but it’s a beginner reading book, give the kids a chance!

What I liked:

I liked that it told three popular Bible stories in a young kid friendly fashion.  I like that the stories were accurate, to my understanding at least.  The graphics were decent.

Where to find:

This book was given to us as a gift.  You can find it on Amazon here for about $14, but even though it’s hard cover I am not sure it’s worth $14.  There has to be a better seller out there.

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