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Perfect Moments Week 3

I am excited to announce that I had seven perfect moments within the first few days of the week, so this project is definitely becoming easier and more of a habit.  I like it (singing in my head like Bruno Mars).

Perfect Moment #1

I put more miles on my treadmill in the first six weeks of this year than I did the entire last six months of last year.  Boo yah!

Perfect Moment #2

I had lunch with my best friend this weekend.  We see each other fairly often, but it’s nice to be in a place where we can speak freely without worry about the political climate of the work or rec environment we’re in.  It’s nice to just let loose for a bit 🙂

Perfect Moment #3

Two perfect quizzes in a row.  I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s just nice to have some affirmation that I’m taking my life in the right direction from time to time lol.

Perfect Moment #4

I am scheduling my first interview next week for some locals (from abroad).  I am beyond excited about this and hope like crazy it works out.  I have more than thirty questions I’m dying to ask, but I feel like I should narrow that down a bit first… but where to start?!?  lol.

Perfect Moment #5

My sister’s high school friend gave me a massage this week.  I am not big into touch, so this is way out of my comfort zone.  However, whatever she did fixed my shoulders and I have slept soundly every night since.  Totally worth it.

Perfect Moment #6

My parents took the kids for the weekend.  This meant date night for the hubs and I, as well as some quiet time to just think, study and pray.  Tiny things that are monumental.

Funny story, but probably only funny to me.  While we were having dinner at a buffet, some fat hairy beast behind us slammed the booth back and then complained that we had been pushing it towards him.  I didn’t even know this was possible, so it very well may have been.  It reminded me of that scene in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days when they are in the theater and the fat guy behind them keeps complaining about not being able to see or hear, and then Kate Hudson is all like, “You better watch yourself or my boyfriend here will pummel your ass!”  I thought about saying it just for giggles, but since the rude hairy guy  behind us looked too much like the fat guy in the movie, I decided against it.

Perfect Moment #7

My son randomly bought a chocolate muffin for me from the local bakery.  It’s kind of a big deal since he probably had to pay with the pennies out of his piggy bank.  He gets me.

It made me think of this Christmas.  My daughter is adamant that she must purchase gifts for my husband and I with her own money and with a certain air of secrecy.  This year she did a bunch of extra chores to save some cash, she asked me what my favorite store was, she directed me to drive there and park in front and just wait for her.  She came out about twenty minutes later with a perfect gift wrapped bag of surprises.  She had a big smile on her face, her independent pride evident, and she informed me that she forgot about tax, but the shop owners pulled some coins out of the penny tray to cover what she missed.

When she told the owners at the counter, a husband/wife team, that she couldn’t take their money, they said something really sweet to her, like “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” She felt loved on, and then when she got in the car she dug in the cushions til she found the change she had shorted them and ran back in.  My gift was a gift of many: extra chores were done around the house that I was willing to pay for, she is becoming independent, something our homesteading lifestyle relies on, she was thoughtful in her gift giving, the owners of my favorite little shop gave her grace, and I had a gift that I didn’t already know what it was, and when I opened it they were all things I LOVED.


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