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Where’s My Hug by Amy Hest

Where’s My Hug, originally published as Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? is an adorable must-have book for your baby’s future library.  The story is simple enough, one every parent can relate to, but the illustrations by Anita Jeram bring this book to life in such a way that I wish I could frame the dedication page and remind myself to be gentle with my sick fussy babies for always.

What I disliked:

It’s a good book!

What I liked:

I really appreciated the tenderness and creativity that the mother bear used in dealing with her sick and fussy cub.  The book is an easy read, which I love for the preschool ages.

Where to find it:

We were lucky in that the United Way of our home county and our local ECFE program joined forces to send books home free of charge to our littles during community events.  You can find yours for less than a dollar from an Amazon seller, well worth the price!

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