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Eight Animals Play Ball by Susan Middleton Elya

Eight Animals Play Ball by Susan Middleton Elya and Illustrated by Lee Chapman is an adorable book about a chaotic game of baseball, blending both Spanish and English words in a fun sing-songy way.  Because of the dual language, I would suggest reading it to your child, but I would start with shortening it for your preschoolers’ attention span and offering it to upper elementary students to attempt on their own.

What I disliked:

I hate to criticize these things because they are a million times better than I could ever have done myself, but I would never have picked the book up based on the cover alone.  it looked like an old lame book, but I am so glad Dolly Parton sent it our way.  The crazy fun story was totally worth it.

What I liked:

I liked how it incorporated both the English and Spanish languages in a way that rhymed and was fun to read.  The pictures brought the words to life, and its cute ending put a smile on my face as I sat it back on the shelf.

Where to find it:

We were blessed to have ours sent via Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  If you would like to get a hand on your own hard cover copy, it can be found from Amazon sellers here for less than ten bucks.

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