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Pretend by Jennifer Plecas

Pretend by Jennifer Plecas is a fun book that describes a creative play scenario between father and son, something I love to see (Why does dad always come out in rhyming stories, dad, bad, dad, sad, dad, mad, etc.).

What I disliked:

I honestly think this book is perfect.

What I liked:

I loved the colorful illustration.  I loved the fun, creative scenario turning a living room couch into a boat battling sharks and crabs.  I loved that it was positive and reminded me as a parent to partake in the kids’ requests for ridiculous make believe games.

Where to find it:

Again, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library expanded our story horizons.  I get stuck at libraries, going to the same familiar sections, pulling out the same genre of books, etc.  Getting a free book out of my normal sent straight to my home to excite my child enough that I simply must read it is a real blessing.  If you can still find it on Amazon for less than two bucks, snatch it up!  It’s well worth the money!

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