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Welcome to the Zoo by Alison Jay

Welcome to the Zoo by Alison Jay is a beautifully artistic intrepretation of a day at the zoo.  Though there are no words, the final page of the book gives some “I Spy” type challenges to go back and find.

What I disliked:

I really wanted there to be words!  If it were a board book, I would rate it for toddlers as it’s high interest.  Because it has the “I Spy” type questions at the back, I’d like to rate it for preschoolers but the “I Spy” can be a bit difficult, so possibly elementary readers?  An all around good book?

What I liked:

It is so beautifully illustrated – it begs to be taken off the shelf and viewed.

Where to find it:

We were gifted ours thanks to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library; however, you can find a copy on Amazon for less than $4 – a very fair deal!

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