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18 Steps to Own Your Life by Keith McArthur

18 Steps to Own Your Life by Keith McArthur is a self help manual that combines the wisdom and knowledge from dozens of other experts in the field and expertly organizes this information into an easy go-to type book written from the heart.  This would be a great book to read and keep for future reference as life throws us twists and turns throughout our lifetime.

What I disliked:

The title.  I really thought 18 steps was going to be a three hundred page novel and I would never get to “Own My Life,” but I was wrong.  It was short and to the point and more importantly, on point for owning your life, rather than letting life own you.

What I liked:

I really liked how he wrote this book out of compassion.  The author spells out a time in his life that forced him to look at life differently if he wanted to live, and the words are written out of true encouragement and hope, something deeply contagious.  He spells out clearly the human instinct to cling to what we know, when letting go of some of those preconceived notions or tightly held illogical beliefs is freeing beyond compare and sometimes a much healthier choice.

I liked how well the book is organized.  There are easy go-to pages arranged by physical must-haves: diet, exercise, sleep and hydration.  There are chapters labeled by relationship goals in marriages, healthy friendships, and work.  There are still other chapters grouped by existential life oriented decisions: what are your values, habits, choices, priorities, hopes, aspirations and ambitions?  All areas we need to routinely explore in order to own our lives and not let life run away with us.

I liked how Keith McArthur referred to prominent authors that I am already familiar with and respect, such as Gary Chapman and Maya Angelou.  Knowing that I already trust their wisdom made it easier to trust McArthur’s judgment in modeling their already prescribed ways.

Where to find it:

I was fortunate to run across McArthur’s blog and read a free copy.  However, you can get yours for less than $1 on Amazon Kindle if you pre-order it before its release later this month.

18 steps mcarthur

Stop letting your life run away with you!  Pick up this book and its valuable tricks, and start owning your life today – the life you were mean to lead!

2 thoughts on “18 Steps to Own Your Life by Keith McArthur”

  1. Becky, thanks so much for leaving this lovely review of my book! I particularly liked how you put my home town of Toronto (with the CN Tower) in the background of the quote graphic you made!


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