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Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muff is an old nursery rhyme written in a short board-book.

What I disliked:

No criticism.

What I liked:

I loved the board book cut out n the shape of a kitten.  It adds a fun element to spike toddler reading.  It is also very short, so after the fifteenth time or so the toddlers can start to repeat-babble it as they turn the pages backwards and read it upside down lol.  Loved those memories best with my littles!

Where to find it:

Ours was a gift from the kids’ 96 year old great grandmother.  When they raided her shelf during a visit, she sent them home with the books.  They loved feeling so special and lucky, possibly adding to their interest in the fun story.  The closest thing I’ve found to the book we have is just a few bucks from Barnes and Noble.  Our copy does not have the star or the electronic attached to it, but it otherwise appears identical.

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