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Midweek Reading Update

Wowza.  This week has been an emotional roller coaster.

Not my life.  My life is perfectly stable and boring.  But the books.  Oh the books.

First I read Bone Music (AWESOME btw) which is this strangely powerful book about overcoming anxiety, but in a psychological thriller kind of way.  Way too cool.  Like, so cool I haven’t been able to finish a review about it because I can’t find the words that capture the essence of this book properly.  (Not that I ever really do, but this one deserves better than my  normal lol).

Next, the fifth grade book club I lead picked up Old Yeller.  A classic, but I had never read it before.  And wowza, that one is full of suspense and drama and then gets ya right in the feels.

Thirdly, I read the backstory on a scholarship at our school.  It’s in the memory of a sweet elementary boy whose life was ravaged by cancer in the worst possible way.  I had to hide the tears quickly as my office was busy that day, but wowza my heart clenched.  I hope anybody that applies for that scholarship takes the time to truly understand the honor they would receive being gifted anything in that brave boy’s name.

Finally, a friend was a little upset about the book their fifth grade book club was reading, Freak The Mighty.  She described how her child had reacted to the book with some vicarious traumatization, and I thought before I overreact on her behalf I should read it myself and form my opinion.

Wow.  Just like Old Yeller, it just gets ya right there in the feels.  Go ahead.  Get attached.  Just be prepared to hold the tears back when your reading is interrupted at the saddest point in the book by a young child severely breaking her arm at your daughter’s gymnastics practice.  Sure, feel conflicted about the absolute horror of see that kind of fracture, with her arm all bent at unnatural angles standing next to your (THANKFULLY) perfectly fine kiddo.  Then realize your heart is still about to break because Freak  The Mighty is such a powerful book.   Then feel bad that you’re conflicted about what is worse (clearly the human pain, not a fictional character in a book.  Ever.  Come on, brain).  Then try not to cry in front of everybody like a weakling because they’re both just so tragic.

Just, wow.  Good luck.

That concludes this week’s reading to date.

I’m staying away from Love You Forever and Charlotte’s Web for a bit in an effort to avoid curling into the fetal position and hiding under a blanket (jk lol).

Peace out!

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