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My Two Hands My Two Feet by Rick Walton

My Two Hands My Two Feet is a novel children’s book by Rick Walton and Illustrated by Julia Gorton.  This book is written with fun poetic rhymes, with one half of the book focusing on hands and the other half focusing on feet.  In order to read the other half, the book has to be flipped upside down which really makes the preschoolers think!

What I disliked:

My only critiques are personal things, nothing that should ever stop anyone from trying this book.

What I liked:

I liked how it really made my kids think when I read this book to them.  They both took initiative to try and figure out the puzzle, simple enough for a four year old but complicated enough to make them scrunch their little foreheads into wrinkles.  I love rhyming poems, so this hit that personal favorite right on.

Where to find it:

We were blessed by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, but  you can find yours on Amazon for less than $10 here.


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