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The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers

The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers is a phenomenal novel that I would encourage everybody to give a try.  It is a historical fiction set back in the day of slaves in America, and its perspective is something new, raw and thought provoking.

What I disliked:

That I couldn’t put it down and had to drag myself through work the next day.  Actually, that’s probably a good thing 😉

What I liked:

This story is through the lens of a frontier woman long ago.  Her grit, determination and perseverance while sticking to her beliefs amidst trial and tribulation is astounding.  It is written in a way in which it changes a bit – a letter here, a thought there, a journal entry over there.  It keeps the mind working, trying to figure out the end before reaching the actual end.  Phenomenal.

Where to find it:

I was fortunate enough to have my curiosity sparked at our local used book store, Flyleaf.  You can find it on Goodreads Kindle for less than $10, a more than fair price.


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