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Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy

Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy is a fun little romance hidden within a romance.  It captures that awkward young adulthood/dating scene well and puts into words the insecurities many of us had “back in those days” lol.

What I disliked:  There were so many details – ten pages at a time describing an event that didn’t include the main love story/ies.  Exact prices, clothing sizes, and details about the trivial meal they were eating (and they ate a LOT in this book).  I hate that the female lead was so naive.  I hate that the male lead was kind of a leach.

What I liked:  I liked how the author described the passion behind a “starving artist.”  I liked the blog posts written by the female lead really played well into the story.  I liked the expression of emotions not always easy to verbalize, and the internal struggle behind them.

I found mine on Kindle Unlimited for free, and you can, too!






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