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Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson

Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson is an intense love story, I think.

What I disliked:  I really hated how overbearing the male lead was.  He was possessive, demanding, and unrelenting.  Therefore, I hated how weak the female lead was.  I liked her in the beginning, but I liked her less as the book went on.  He was savage; not my cup of tea.

What I liked: I’m trying to not write things like “It was interesting to be in the mind of an abuser” or “I had never understood what might lead to a woman giving herself to an emotional abuser before.”  That was the most interesting part of this book.  I liked that he was hell bent on protecting her.  I like that she was willing to care for her kids.  That’s about it.  I did LOVE the suspense of it all, though.  (I’m a big fan of romantic suspense.)

Where to find it: I found mine on Kindle Unlimited for free, and you can, too!


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