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Hop! by Phyllis Root

Hop! by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Holly Meade is a quick to read board book intended for toddlers.  Ours was well loved if the cracker crumbs smashed inside are any indication lol.

What I disliked:

No criticism from me.

What I liked:

This is a quality board book in its construction, quick 2-5 word pages and beautiful illustration.  Some of the words are dramatic, such as “thump, thump, thump!” The first “thump” starts out small, the next is larger, and the third is largest, where I put the most emphasis in my voice as I point to it while I read.  This is a great simple skill for early readers – we in America read top to bottom, and larger words get louder voices.  My toddlers would mimic this after a few repetitions of the book.

Where to find it:

We are blessed that our pediatrician’s office offers these books free of charge at each well child visit.  You can find a copy of it from an Amazon seller here for $4, well worth the money.  I would easily fork out more like $10 should I ever have another toddler.


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