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Who’s Seen the Scissors? by Fernando Krahn

Who’s Seen the Scissors by Fernando Krahn is a wonderful book with absolutely no words.  The story is told completely with drawings, and it’s fantastic.  I would suggest “reading” this book with your preschooler and letting them make up the words, or having an older child “read” it to a younger – it’s interesting how many different stories can be created with the same pictures!

What I disliked:

It looked kind of creepy at first, so when my kids brought it home I wasn’t too sure.  It only took about two pages though to find the humor in the story, and I love it.

What I liked:

The tailor’s scissors go wild one day, creating havoc with horse reigns and lions’ manes.  It is comical, light-hearted and an overall fun read.

Where to find it:

Ours was a school library discard; however, you can find yours from an Amazon seller for less than ten bucks.  Totally worth it!


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