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Fitness Friday #wtf

So, fitness.  Yeah.

How can I possibly put a puny bit of horrible fitness information out there in the blogging realm and get away with it?

Alliteration, obviously.

So here it is: Fitness Friday, From a nonFit Food-loving Female.

How’s that?

Pretty much awful? Agreed lol.  So, I will instead use this as a warning that Fitness Friday is basically just a place I will track my personal successes and fails in the health and fitness world.

What will putting my personal stuff on the world wide web do to help you?  Probably nothing.  In fact, I am hoping that you will impart your knowledge with me.  *fingers crossed*

So, here goes nothing.  Cheers to those of you who have mastered this fit-n-fab thing, and cheers to those of you willing to try.


Fitness Friday, #wtfwasIthinking?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash




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