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The Tale of Pip & Squeak by Kate Duke

Pip & Squeak by Kate Duke is an adorable book about two competitive mice, showing sibling rivalry at its finest.

What I disliked:

SO many words!  The kids loved it, but by bedtime I am ready for the two promised books to whiz by so I can crawl into my comfy bed.  Pip & Squeak is an elementary child’s bedtime dream.  So many words.  So many competitive emotions.  So much laughter lol.

What I liked:

The illustrations are insanely adorable.  They were so detailed and fantastic that I often made up an abridged version of the story to move it along.  Though, I have to be totally honest, the story is amazing and cute and for those a little less ADHD and a little more patience, this could be the perfect book to read to early elementary students.  It also highlighted problem solving strategies that can be generalized to the lives of our children.

Where to find it:

We were blessed by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  You can find yours on Amazon for less than $12.


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