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Touch and Feel ABC

Touch and Feel ABC is a super cool book that goes through the alphabet, but each page has a unique texture for the little to interact with.

What I disliked:

The textures were well camouflaged with the pages – I had to search them out.

What I liked:

I absolutely loved that the very first texture was of an alligator – it’s very unique compared to other touch the dog fur kind of books, and it instilled a level of adventure with the littles as we went through the book.

Where to find it:

We impulse bought ours at a big box store.  As much as I loved this book, I am not sure I’d pay the $42 Amazon is asking for.  I would easily snatch it up for $15 or less as a gift for nieces or nephews if I found it on the shelves during a shopping trip in the future, and definitely for the $6.99 as price tagged on the back of my son’s copy.


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