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Nursery Rhyme Funtime

Nursery Rhyme Funtime is a fantastic pull-the-tab book filled with lively pictures and fun rhymes, perfect for preschoolers.

What I disliked:

Our toddlers loved them, but each time they tried to pull one of the tabs they inevitably ruined it.  Luckily there were many, and the book was high quality, but there’s no way I could resell my very used copy.

What I liked:

I loved the nursery rhymes, the fun pictures and the ingenious illustrations behind the pull tabs.  It is perfect for the preschool aged crowd, and it’s one I had no trouble repeating to them day after day – in fact it excited me to re-memorize some of these old limericks.

Where to find it:

My daughter received it as a birthday gift from our super sweet neighbors.  Amazon has one priced at $42.  Though I’d easily pay $25 for a new copy, I think $42 might be a bit steep.


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