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The Sun Maid Raisins Play Book

The SunMaid Raisins Play Book is a perfect way for your toddler to play with their food, while letting you get something of your own done nearby 🙂

What I disliked:

It’s a cute book, but I felt the OCD compulsion to wipe it down after each use.

What I liked:

I think it’s a unique idea, letting toddlers interact with the world around them.  While I did dishes, I’d let my kids play this book next to me.  They always felt a bit rebellious playing with their books that way, and it kept them entertained for an extra minute or two, something so precious to busy mamas.

Where to find it:

We were gifted ours by a darling aunt.  You can find yours on Amazon for less than $3, a fair deal.


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