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Trophy Take Back

Well, today I had to give back my trophy. If you may recall, I made kind of a big deal out of completing a difficult task last week.  I felt pretty accomplished and good and stuff about it.  So, when I got called into the administrator's office today and asked about my sweet report I… Continue reading Trophy Take Back

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Trophies for Everybody!

I succeeded in completing a difficult task today. *pats self on back* *gives self a cookie* Maybe that will make up for all the dumb things I've done today, such as tossing a scorching hot french fry out of my hands and into my mouth... lol Hats off to all those out there persevering at… Continue reading Trophies for Everybody!

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Sweet Dreams

So tomorrow are finals and I've got myself in a tizzy - nervous stomach, lips are sore apparently from chewing them, muscles tired from overexertion and mind reeling from final efforts at memorization.   Your basic it's-finals-tomorrow-and-I-feel-unprepared nervousness.   As a last ditch effort at relaxation before I headed to bed, I swung by a favorite old blog… Continue reading Sweet Dreams